VTEX is cited by Mike Heim, Whirlpool's global CIO (considered one of the world's best CIOs) as a case in several international publications. The successful migration of the five stores (Brastemp, CompraCerta, Consul, Bblend and Kitchenaid) in less than five months, with no delays and additional costs and with substantial improvement in all metrics, made VTEX a great success case. Here are some of Mike Heim's quotes on VTEX:

#1) “CIOs Share Must-Have Cloud Skills”

“At Whirlpool, CIO Michael Heim is considering sending some of his IT team to “intern” at VTEX, to learn cloud processes. Whirlpool is implementing an ecommerce suite from Brazil-based VTEX for Latin America, its biggest e-commerce market. In addition to accelerating the team’s development, it’s also a good way to build a healthy relationship between the two companies, Heim says.”

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Written by: Ann Bednarz // Published em: CIO.com

#2) Enterview “16 Giants in the Cloud”

“Whirlpool’s pursuit on the cloud is part of the strategy to become more competitive and to become nimble. Whirlpool’s major cloud projects involve moving to Google apps, implementing VTEX, and deploying ServiceNow IT service management software.”

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Written by: Kristin Chloe Pascual // Published at: MEC – ICT Blog

#3) “State of the CIO 2014: The Great Schism”

“Traditional cost-center CIOs turn their gazes inward, our research shows. They fine-tune IT operations, deploy new systems and control IT costs. They may work as many hours as leading CIOs, but they tend to get fewer results, less success and lower salaries. Thriving CIOs behave quite differently. They focus externally and meet with customers. They make friends in the C-suite. They keep IT credibility high across the organization. Our story highlights some compelling examples of CIOs who exemplify that kind of business leadership at companies such as Boston Scientific, CUNA Mutual Group, GAF and Whirlpool.”

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Written by: Maryfran Johnson // Published at: CIO.com

#4) “How Giant Companies see the cloud”

“People worry about security and risk. But you improve security and de-risk your environment with Cloud Software “Whirlpool’s pursuit on the cloud is part of the strategy to become more competitive and to become nimble. Whirlpool’s major cloud projects involve moving to Google apps, implementing VTEX, and deploying ServiceNow IT service management software.”

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Written by: Ann Bednarz // Published at: Network World

#5) Enterview “Whirlpool CIO moves 69,000 global employees to Google Apps”

What was the biggest challenge you faced as the new CIO?

I found that this is a global business, but it’s run very regionally. And the IT operating model that was in place when I arrived, it was very central and it wasn’t as responsive as it needed to be. So aligning the IT model to the business model so we’re appropriately responsive was the biggest challenge. The way I approached that, I went out and met people in the regions and looked at our products in showrooms and factories. The products are very different in different regions, so we needed more agile operations than we could drive with a highly centralized IT model. So we’re creating a much more business-focused IT model.

Can you summarize your objective as CIO at Whirlpool?

It’s driving business value through our IT investments. Every dollar you spend on IT is an internal investment in your business and ensuring that those drive value in the business is crucial.”

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Written by: Mary K. Pratt // Published at: Computer World

#Interview with Renata Marques

#Whirlpool Brazil CIO agrees with Mike Heim

How is it for a CIO to choose a system of such importance in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model?

It was a choice very much in line with Whirlpool's new IT model, delivering innovative solutions with more agility through specialist partners.

How is living with a SaaS system everyday?

At first there is always a discomfort, because part of the control is outside the company, but after the trust relationship and stability of the system is reached, everything becomes much calmer. We have found that SaaS is not only faster but also more secure, stable and scalable.

What is the SaaS model of benefit compared to the previous model?

In the cost vision, the strategic vision and the operational vision. Benefits range from reduced project execution time, such as the scalability and flexibility the solution brings. When analyzing the aspect of operational maintenance cost, I also see a lot of advantage. Significantly reduced maintenance cost. In the old model, leadtime to implement new functionality, from infrastructure preparation, development, testing to production deployment, required a lot of enterprise resources and was not run frequently. Today the changes happen continuously, there is no concern in the acquisition and preparation of infrastructure and the amount of internal resources consumed in the process is much lower. We have been able to dedicate our IT professionals to the tasks that really add to the business. Strategically this is the future to gain agility. Having a business-oriented IT area is mandated. We have found that SaaS is not only faster but also more secure, stable and scalable.

What feature would you highlight in VTEX?

VTEX also offers a great differential in metrics management, helping the business to understand consumer behavior and making decisions that bring competitive advantages.

What do you think VTEX should improve?

I do not know if this aspect has evolved, but the last time we talked, there was an uncertainty about the risk of some talent leaving. It is very important to keep bright minds "cloned" by reducing impact and managing risk if key people leave the organization. No doubt the company is booming and human resources management and knowledge is a key area.

Do you want to do new projects with VTEX?

Yes. I consider VTEX a great partner. As Mike talked about deploying the VTEX platform in our largest e-commerce market (Latam) is one of Whirlpool's most important IT projects.

Some slopes of IT say that large companies should not hire SaaS companies. Whirlpool is breaking these paradigms. Because? What did Whirlpool see that other big companies have not seen yet?

There is a false impression that hiring SaaS or hosting our systems / data in the cloud creates a security risk, when in fact, to maintain a security standard adopted by companies recognized and specialized in the subject, we would have to invest money streams to achieve The same level of safety. This is the tendency and companies to stay competitive, they must have agility to change, and without partnership the change maneuver gets much slower.

With the VTEX system what has become the role of the IT area in business and e-commerce?

Compare with the previous role of proprietary IT. The Role of IT was more of contract management and BI data generation to assist in business management, further understanding the requirements, discussing relevant functionalities, ensuring the integration of the e-commerce system with the company's transactional systems, Monitoring availability and coordinating the various areas involved. If we compare with the old model, we cut steps in the process as: Solution architecture definition, hardware purchase, customization, intensive testing of each functionality, support services and monitoring. The stages of integration with transactional processes, development, testing etc still exist.

What message would you leave for all VTEX employees?

You really make a difference. They are focused on innovation, are always thinking ahead, follow trends, have passion for what they do. A truly differentiated team! Congratulations and Thank you for the partnership.

What message would you leave to companies that are evaluating VTEX and have not decided yet?

I would tell them to be transparent about their points of concern or discomfort. Only in this way, VTEX can help them clarify how they can address immediately or in the future, each of them and thus make a conscious decision of they can manage possible risks.