Creating the most effective site for the Walls By Me company included a number of challenges. The store required a simple look and feel, along with high functionality to support the customer’s shopping experience, while also guiding them through the sales cycle. Here are the main case components:

  • Offer a highly user-friendly design with a very intuitive UX;
  • The need to merge the product with value-added content to engage the customer throughout the sales cycle;
  • Create emphasis on company mission of social responsibility and sustainability as a key focus;
  • Enable the customer to buy their wallpaper according to their wall size, not per package;
  • Offer hundreds of design options to appeal to the widest customer range;
  • Create a category tree with numerous filters and options for easy navigation and finding the best product;
  • Offer instructions on installing the wallpaper on every product page to emphasize the simplicity;
  • Offer seamless social media integration;

The Walls By Me website needed a clean integration of products so that the user could easily find what they were searching for, while continuously understanding the easy DIY approach of the product.


  • 700 products distributed across 5 different categories
  • 4900 SKUs
  • 20,000 product images



The VTEX platform allows for seamless integration between the website and social media, along with excellent functioning across multichannel shopping. The platform has been created to host sites with the most robust capabilities.

Having the greatest level of support from the website platform was a great necessity, as the Walls By Me store was intended to feature hundreds of products and thousands of SKUs and photos.

The many features offered by VTEX provided the most intelligent solution to the company's strategy needs. Here are the key points of this platform that supported the company’s goals:

  • User-Friendly Design: The VTEX platform allowed to create an interactive and intuitive site with detailed product pages to engage the customer.


  • Open APIs: These allowed for integrations between VTEX and WordPress, and also it lead to 3 different product page templates for different categories to provide better user experience when navigating through the product mix.


  • PIM: The calculator Walls By Me utilizes for determining the exact number of packages customers will require for specific rooms is a complex native VTEX feature. It facilitates the end-consumer’s experience through browsing and allows for suggesting different wallpaper possibilities based on distinct sizes, styles, and detailed specifications such as the thickness and/ or texture of the product to provide a more thorough application depending on the surfaces.
  • Storefront: Because of the many technical aspects of the backend of the VTEX platform, there was ample freedom to develop the front-end to adapt to the site’s marketing pillars.
  • Search: VTEX has a powerful native search tool that allows end consumer to find products easily. Walls By Me furthered the effectiveness of this capability by creating search-friendly URLs that enable fast access, along with boosting their website's search engine optimization.
  • Marketing: Full integration with analytics and native retargeting tools provide all data to support daily decision-making and oversight on marketing efforts to see which channels are most effective.
  • Smartcheckout: VTEX’s Smartcheckout capability enables the fastest checkout process due to its intuitive, password-free design, while giving customers absolute reassurance in having a vastly secure checkout. This system has proven greatly effective for security purposes against fraud, while increasing sales by enabling faster checkouts.
  • OMS: The Centralized Control OMS tool provided by VTEX allows for the easiest and most efficient order management and tracking. The OMS offers a visual breakdown of all stages of the order flow, with instant access to orders that have been processed, are current, and those that are upcoming. Integration with email, CRM, and BI are all possible for convenient sales reports.
  • PCI Gateway: VTEX allowed Walls By Me to offer a mix of targeted and secure payment methods by connecting to Adyen and PayPal, two global payment technology players that have enabled greater customer satisfaction and a faster, safer checkout process.


#Client’s Quote

"From the beginning, as the home decor industry requires a lot of design for products, the website needed to reflect our spirit and having the flexibility to create it and tangibilize was a must-have for us." - Kelly Dall, Walls By Me Owner


  • With just 5 months before going live, it was imperative to have a full understanding of the many needs Walls By Me required for their website.
  • The site needed to offer easy navigation throughout the very extensive catalog, and the elastic infrastructure of the VTEX platform allowed for support of the hundreds of products and images.
  • The layout of every page had to be clean and straightforward, while detailing the DIY message and the brand’s commitment to social responsibility as part of their story.


  • The Walls By Me site offers a seamless transition from browsing to purchasing by wall size, through the fast checkout process offered with the exclusive VTEX feature, Smartcheckout.
  • Implementation of the VTEX True Cloud Commerce SaaS platform enabled the company to go live in 5 months, while maintaining all goals of the project to fulfill the company’s goals.

#The Results

The Walls By Me site was successfully launched, fulfilling every need initially intended as a result of the dynamic solutions provided by the VTEX platform. The site is fully supported by the cloud-based VTEX platform, enabling fast navigation and a suite of user-friendly features throughout the hundreds of products, SKUs, and images. Through thoughtful planning and design, the site communicates the company’s unique approach to social responsibility, while conveying the dedication to using only the safest materials for use in the home. All the while, every page is visually-appealing, keeping in line with the interior-design focused image. The Walls By Me website has achieved all targets it set out to, providing customers with a fast, smooth, custom-tailored experience from start to finish as a result of the VTEX's Platform technologies.