Vice President of Business Development for North America at VTEX, a provider of cloud-based SaaS platform, Alexandre Soncini says that with the advancement of technologies and changing consumer behavior, older platforms are no longer enough.

"Many of the current platforms have outdated online stores that can not be upgraded. These platforms lack the resources to meet the current demands of customers, in addition to having a high total cost of ownership "

According to the executive.

According to Soncini, savvy retailers and brand makers who are in retail, and who want to keep up with customer demands are looking for more robust and flexible platform solutions. More importantly, they are looking for platforms that can prove a solid return on investment over shorter periods of time. This is what Gabriel Cabrera did when he embarked on a major replatforming project.

As Sony's regional director of online business in Latin America, Cabrera realized that it was difficult to maintain the existing platform in the company and that parts of it were outdated with regard to consumer needs. Sony Latin America wanted to offer customers in the region a simple, secure and efficient way to purchase Sony products on their site from any access device. In addition, the company intended to expand to other markets.

Sony was looking for a more efficient approach to its e-commerce platform, considering cloud-based solutions that allowed for regional expansion, were easy to integrate, scalable, and inexpensive. They needed technology that utilized responsive design so that a single site would be automatically adapted to the screen that the consumer was using whether it was a computer, smartphone or tablet.

"We wanted to find more efficiency of our investment and through our expansion to other markets,"

Cabrera explains that he says he found it on the VTEX platform. Cabrera adds that the company was able to achieve its first implementation in record time.

"In four months we already had an e-commerce ready.After launching this site, we had launches every two to three weeks for the rest of the countries"


#First results of e-commerce replatforming

Six months after the launch of the VTEX platform, Sony Latin America saw its conversion rate increase. According to Soncini, this was because VTEX has a business model that allows brands and retailers to focus on their business, as well as providing an updated platform that evolves at the same pace as consumers' expectations. "With a lower recurring cost, we offer an updated solution that provides a competitive edge for our customers with updates on a daily basis," Soncini explains.

In fact, VTEX provides an average of 645 updates per month; Their customers experience, on average, a 54% increase in the conversion rate; And its time-to-market is around 103 days. The company provides services to more than 700 retailers - including major brands like Whirlpool, Calvin Klein and Disney - and supports 1500 online stores in 15 countries using a multi-tenant cloud-based platform.

"Regardless of the kind of platform you want for your replatforming strategy, it's very important to make a long-term determination if that solution is prepared to propel you instead of holding you back," "Our end-to-end solution includes all the capabilities that enable our customers to increase conversion rate, consumer satisfaction and, at the end of the day, their profitability."

Explain Soncini