• Is the first VTEX B2B marketplace;
  • Oversees the insertion and management of over 40,000 SKUs on the platform;
  • Rapid integration with sellers and the goal of expanding by more than 100% in relation to the current figure. Focus on qualitative sellers with high levels of service and overall consciousness of the client’s experience and online reputation.

#Client’s Objectives

To reach an annual average of 1 million sessions; To obtain at least 10,000 clients after 1 year in operation.

#Client’s Challenges

  • To expand from an e-commerce operation selling only its own products, to being a marketplace;
  • To register 40,000 SKUs without creating a major headache;
  • To resolve the cultural challenge the company was facing, while expanding operations into e-commerce, and increasing visibility with the target audiences.


VTEX has several resources and features that were essential to the positive results obtained by Net Suprimentos since going live, such as:

The VTEX Ecosystem: fundamental for obtaining the necessary integrations during implementation and for facilitating the entry of other sellers that already use VTEX – worthy of note is the speed of response (around 3 hours) to assimilate other stores into the marketplace base.

Client Profile System and OMS Modules: helped Net Suprimentos use promotional resources, such as automated reactivation of sales via email, and managerial resources by integrating the App and the site, in addition to automated quotations and online specialists.

The client also stresses the support of the VTEX team, working in total synergy with the Net Suprimentos team. The Smartcheckout model afforded the simple usability they were looking for to boost conversions and the infrastructure and several features of the platform made it possible to register more than 40,000 SKUs, enabled implementation of automated quotations, and offered an online specialist attending via chatbot (AI) or by telephone.

#Implementation/ Migration

“Everything went smoothly; we had no problems. Gustavo Rios (shareholder and customer care officer at VTEX) gave us all the support we needed, and everything necessary was delivered with no unpleasant surprises.”

#Results and Conclusions

The Net Suprimentos case is special because it was the first B2B marketplace by VTEX and its results were surprising.

Considering the endeavor started from scratch, striving for figures of 10,000 clients and 1 million sessions for the first year, the actual results were over and beyond these projections.

For starters, in just over one year, more than 35,000 clients were added to the base, of which 5,000 were repeated purchases and there were over 2 million sessions, with a new of target reaching 15 million by the end of 2018.

In addition, the store was able to triple the gross sales target established for the online operation – not to mention the other major achievements, such as acquiring 150,000 leads in the email base, 45% growth in sessions and monthly revenue, and the integration of 9 new sellers.

However, the projections for 2018 are even more considerable. These include goals of:

  • Expanding the marketplace further into Latin America;
  • Attaining at least 100 sellers;
  • Doubling the number of in-house staff members working on the online operation;
  • Adding new features, such as a loyalty club for repeat purchasers.

#Results in Figures:

  • 300% growth in gross sales established for the first year with the platform;
  • More than 3.5 times the originally-projected number of clients were reached;
  • 2 million sessions happened the first year.