• Little time to run a migration from Magento to VTEX and provide outstanding results;
  • Improvement in all KPIs (Sale, Conversion, Bounce, Charging Time and Number of contacts with SAC);
  • Maintenance of SEO relevance (the client was afraid of losing ranking);
  • Improvement and greater agility in the daily processes (to create coupons, to upload products etc).

#Customer Objectives

  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Upload products in a massive and agile way.
  • Use discount coupons and free shipping on Buen Fín.
  • Do not lose relevance in SEO with link redirection.
  • Create the category of home appliances.
  • Create a blog on their site.

#Customer Challenges

  • Link Redirection / Relevance SEO: At this time of the year, it is imperative to keep the relevant website within the search tools. A loss of SEO at this time [the Black Friday] would be disastrous for the result;
  • Short time for migration: In two weeks it is very difficult to upload all of the products, especially new ones. Because VTEX has massive uploading tools, Mira had time to do everything;
  • Integration with means of payment: The customer was having many difficulties integrating the means of payment in the Magento Platform - he saw the most diverse types of error. VTEX, because it already had the structure and all the development of transparent SmartCheckout, it made the implementation much faster and safer;
  • Create new category (home appliances): It was necessary to create a whole new category to upload new products that were not yet available on the Mira page before switching to VTEX. In the previous platform, the client had several errors to create the new category until it was decided to leave on standby;
  • Page bounce rate was too high;
  • Page load time too high.


SmartCheckout positively impacted Mira's conversion rate and decreased the number of contacts in the SAC. The WHO Module provided the monitoring of real time orders.

The PCI Gateway gave clarity on the entire order approval process. In Mexico, the refusal and chargeback rate is very high, so having visibility of this process was key to recovering sales. The promotions module allowed to create coupons with the speed that the customer needed during the event for a possible change of strategy (more aggressive discounts).

The Catalog module gave the agility needed to upload all 3000 products that Mira wanted to upload to the event in just one day of work.

Image optimization made the page faster.

And redirecting links allowed the page to not lose relevance in search engines.


The agency that supported Mira throughout the process was Piso Digital of Mexico. They have a lot of experience in VTEX and know the platform well.

Piso Digital prioritized the activities according to what has an impact on the client and the business, structuring the schedule of only 15 days as follows:

  • Redirect links;
  • Optimize page speed to reduce bounce rate (reduce images, remove broken links, etc.);
  • Create the new category;
  • Upload new products;
  • Create the blog.

#Results and conclusions

The project was extremely successful and accomplished in record time. Everything that was planned was achieved and customers were very satisfied with the support received during the migration. The major problems, which were mainly instability, bounce rate and lack of agility in the processes were solved.

Thanks to VTEX's functions, today the entire Mira team is able to perform the essential functions of the page (upload products, create promotions, approve orders), and the company no longer needs technology experts to make simple adjustments. What is most relevant is that the page is loading much faster, the conversion rate has increased, and the bounce rate has dropped.

#Results in numbers:

  • The conversion rate went from 0.1% to 0.6% (normal days) and 1.2% (event)
  • The page load time has decreased from 12.01 seconds to 3.64 seconds
  • Page bounce decreased from 79% to 51%

#Customer Quote

"Mira is very pleased with the entire ecosystem of VTEX and increasingly delving into the modules and tools that the platform offers. If it were not the support we received, we would not have been able to migrate in such a short time."

"It was a relatively fast process, we had all the support we expected. Everything went as planned and we were able to do what was proposed. We had some nice surprises that we were not expecting, like the improvement in page speed."