• Brand struggling with the implementation of customized Prestashop solution and willing to improve its game to seize local promotions opportunities.
  • Intention to expand business beyond Romanian borders;
  • SmartCheckout and customization to adapt to Romanian reality;
  • New brand positioning to bolster MiniPRIX position as a big Romanian marketplace;
  • Great conversion rates during Romanian and global Black Friday.

#Client’s goals

  • Business expansion;
  • Customer’s experience improvement;
  • Become a strong marketplace;
  • Boost conversion rates and average order value;
  • Agility and efficiency in daily processes (coupons creation, promotions management, etc).

#Client’s challenge

  • Flexibility and agility: due to difficult owned platform capability to customize and adapt to customer’s needs, especially during the “Happy Hours”, MiniPRIX was missing its time-to-market.;
  • Automation: manual processes for cross-docking was turning MiniPRIX operation into bureaucratic and less efficient chain;
  • Raise conversion rates: MiniPRIX had room to expand its business by improving customer experience;
  • New media mindset: generation of traffic by other means but organic.


VTEX’s platform is known to be highly adaptable and flexible, allowing any customization clients need in every sense: integration, features, promotions, payment methods and so on. That was exactly what MiniPRIX needed: to have its business powered by an agile and strong platform, which would allow it to have a great performance during “Happy Hours”.

Promotions are very popular in Romania. That said, what VTEX worked for was to enable MiniPRIX to customize and automate their Happy Hours with a great gain not only in terms of time-to-market, but also with the opportunity to run multiple promotions at the same time, strongly boosting conversion rates and average order value.

For that to happen, VTEX introduced to Romania its patented SmartCheckoutTM, which allows clients to checkout from stores with no password needed, something that improves client’s experience impressively. The solution, however, needed to fastly adapt to Romanian reality, as the country’s e-commerce is not used to work with parameters like ZIP codes and IDs.

“VTEX’s technology development team had to work on geolocation as we needed to cross districts with addresses and make them match with carriers’ systems. Additionally, some adjustments had to be put in place to make sure the absence of ID or any other identification number wouldn’t do any harm to customer’s experience, which also included a change in the way they did they marketing approach – which meant, new mindsets on website design, investments on paid search, and so on”, says Camilla Lichti, Business Development Europe at VTEX

#Client’s quote:

"VTEX came in MiniPRIX’s life at the right time. There was a rebranding project, which was to be implemented not just in MiniPRIX stores, but also in online. The VTEX’s solution came exactly when our rebranding plan was finished and it helped us in having a seamless integration between our multiple softwares. At the same time, VTEX came up with marketing solutions like buy together, more for less, progressive discount and buy and win, things than until then we could only dream of. The fact that we launched the website in only 62 days is an absolute record!”. - Elena Despa, MiniPRIX Chief Marketing Officer


VTEX worked hard to secure a swift implementation for MiniPrix. And to make it happen, VTEX partnered with ACúpula agency to develop the website html. ACúpula’s efficient work was crucial to develop the website in a record time (62 days).

And the first signs that something great was on the way is the comparison between the last 14 days of the old platform and the first 14 days of VTEX Software as Service (SaaS) platform:


#Results and conclusions

Better customer experience through a new responsive design:



#Results in numbers:

  • Romanian Black Friday was stronger than ever:


  • During the global Black Friday, MiniPRIX was still super performing, contributing to position Romania as a Top 10 in VTEX ranking after global Black Friday:


  • MiniPRIX website is one of the fastest among VTEX powered stores, with a loading time of 3.5 seconds and a fine server latency, which is a crucial feature for e-commerce companies in Europe.