#The Project

Designed with the VTEX e-commerce platform, Mambo's virtual store is one of the most modern in Brazil, designed with advanced technologies to serve customers with innovation and make their day-to-day life easier. The online grocery store was born ready to interact with consumers through social networks and be accessed by mobile devices.

An application developed for Apple and Android iOS puts Mambo.com within the reach of smartphones and tablets.

"People in Sao Paulo are always running, as a result of this reality, we develop tools that, in addition to being totally safe, optimize the clients' time, allowing the purchase to be made anywhere or at any time of the day."

This is what explains André Nassar, Business Director of the Mambo Giga Brazil Group (MGB), which controls the Mambo Grocery Stores and the Giga Wholesale.

By the touch of their smartphone, consumers can shop while waiting for an medical appointment, for example.

"We have invested a lot to create platforms with Mambo quality and our intention is to simplify the routine and meet the needs of our customers."

Nassar believes that with network improvement in Brazil, mobile shopping will give a big boost to the online grocery. Data from the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) show that there are more than 280 million active mobile lines in the country.

"Today every cell phone can turn into a Mambo store."


#Customer Experience

Mambo.com was created to attract customers with fast deliveries of fresh and frozen foods, within 24 hours / same-day delivery. To meet the challenge of selling perishable products through the Internet, the virtual store works integrated with the bricks and mortars, which enables inventory sharing and distribution system of the existing retail chain.

For Alexandre Soncini, vice president of VTEX and US General Manager, this strategy is one of the great differentiators of Mambo e-commerce.

"Today, most of the online retailers of larger corporations runs a separate distribution centers and warehouses. Fresh business demands fast delivery and good logistics."

The synergy with offline allows the e-commerce of Mambo making available to the online buyers about more than 10,000 items offered by the supermarket. According to Nassar:

"We were very careful with the details, everything to offer the best service to our consumers. The products are separated according to their categories, packaged and transported with care. In other countries it has become frequent to carry out weekly or monthly grocery shopping using the virtual stores. We want customers to try the new service."

Focusing of attracting it's clientele, Mambo has also created campaigns offering discount coupons to entice customers from the physical network to also buy from online.

#The forecast

Nassar estimates that the share of online sales still represents a small percentage compared to the results of physical stores, but bet on the growth of this business because of the increase in the maturity of online retail in Brazil.

"We are entering online food retailing not by choice but by necessity"

He argues, saying that Mambo can not stay out of this business. He considers that Brazil is more prepared for grocery shopping on the internet for a number of factors. These include the spread of broadband networks and the mobility locomotive.