Frávega uses the resources of the VTEX platform very well and it is one of the pioneers in using the Pick Up Store functionalities.

"Withdrawing the product in our stores, the customer feels more confident when buying and this increases the conversion and sales" - Juan Martín Romero, Director de Marketing & Ecommerce

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Frávega uses the capabilities of the VTEX platform very well and is one of the pioneers of using the Pick Up Store functionality. "With the Pick-up in Store, customers feels more confidence in the purchasing, which increases the conversion rates and sales", says Juan Martin Romero, Director of Marketing & Ecommerce. About 40% of sales consumers choose to Pick-up in one of the brick and mortar stores of Fravega in Argentina. Beyond cheaper and free shipping - it generates more confidence of receiving the product and the service itself. "We have increased the flow of consumers in our physical stores and started the company's multi-channel strategy", adds Romero.

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The Pick Up Store feature is an extension of the platform that was customized by FizzMod. Mariano Gomide de Faria, co-CEO of VTEX explains: "There are several SIs creating incredible solutions on VTEX. With Open Platform API and with the extensibility of our CMS solutions can be created in order to extend the e-commerce solution."