Searching for a sale is one of the main, if not the main, goals of an e-commerce. However, focusing on the relationship with the lead rather than on ceaselessly selling can be the key to increasing the conversions of your online store. In this scenario comes the inbound marketing, or attraction marketing, which acts precisely in the construction of the link with the lead / client, culminating in the increase of the conversion rate.

Transforming personas into promoters of your brand asks for a specific job at each step of the sales funnel. So for the implementation of the strategy to be successful, a few steps should be followed.


The work of producing content must be constant and, after a few months of its beginning, will begin to present concrete results. Posts on blogs will generate continuous traffic to e-commerce, as well as decrease the cost to attract the consumer and the period of the sales cycle of the products.

The content of the blog should be useful and interesting to the people you want to impact. So before you think about quantity, you need to invest in quality. The attraction of customers must be made through proprietary and unique content of your company, never resorting to practices like copy and paste, even if the source is revealed.

Once the visitor is attracted and your blog starts to generate qualified traffic, it is time to start a direct relationship with it.

For those who want to generate traffic quickly and at low cost, the best option is to invest in sponsored campaigns like Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Google Shopping. With the action, numerous benefits for attracting people are won. Among them, less effort in gaining leads, less investment, ease to measure and obtain instant results.

With an attractive paid ad, right keywords and relevant content, your page gains visibility and attracts new visitors to work on your sales funnel.

#Landing Pages

After showing that your company is authority on the subject and attracting visitors, offer them a landing page with interesting content. Thus, converting them into leads will be easier and your company will still have a foundation for launching materials.

It is important to pay attention to which landing pages have the highest conversion rate. From this information, it is possible to produce a marketing campaign specific to the need of each lead, allowing segmentation.

At this stage, relevant content will continue to fuel your relationship with the lead. However, it is time to provide denser materials or even offers, such as discount coupons.

By means of A / B tests it will also be possible to evaluate the actions of the lead and give it a better experience. When you have the information on such a lead and the knowledge of your interests, it's time to start an even more direct relationship.

#E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the channels responsible for good conversion rate: 2.53% of the emails generate sales, according to a study by Experian Marketing Services. However, you need to plan ahead before filling the email box of your leads.

The first step is to avoid spam. So, always have the permission of your audience to send messages and check if the content is in accordance with the interests of the recipient. Another concern of your e-commerce is the frequency of sending. Too many emails can make the lead uncomfortable and few may not be enough to achieve the goals of your business.

The leads of your virtual store should be segmented, showing that your business knows who they are and what their real needs are. Also, having effective call-to-action is important: the prospect should know exactly what to do after reading the email.

After executing the email marketing strategy, the next step is to measure and optimize the results obtained.

#Measure to optimize

One of the good points of the physical stores is receiving a good treatment from the seller, who often already knows the consumer and knows how to treat him according to his preferences. With monitoring and analysis, this practice is also possible for e-commerce. By optimizing this work, conversion rates will likely increase.

Measure what contents have gained the most access, engagement and conversion. Also find out which emails have the most open and click rate, and the time and day they were fired. Thus, it will be much simpler to keep the correct practices and optimize strategies with less-than-expected results.

#Results with inbound

By opting for inbound marketing as a strategy for the growth of e-commerce, the entrepreneur chooses, rather than sell, to create a bond with his client. This, after experiencing this experience of purchase, starts to promote the company, further increasing brand authority in the market. The idea is precisely that there is no end point after the purchase, but a starting point for further negotiations. For this, it is important to seek information about the subject before implanting it and rely on the help of specialized professionals.